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Originally Posted by 10" View Post
Porsche's electronic steering may be way ahead of BMW's terrible electric steering these days---but even the best Porsche electronic steering racks are woeful compared to the hydraulic racks.

Yes Porsche hydraulic racks were great, but BMW's good hydraulic racks are MILES ahead of the best Porsche electronic steering.

I have driven a few 991s and was pretty disappointed in their lack of feel, how large they felt (for a Porsche), and how they tried to become luxury rather than sport. MUCH preferred the 993, 996s, and 997s i've driven. I hope the 992 is a big step forward because the 991 was not a positive transition, IMO.

The last time i drove a Cayman GTS and a 991 Targa; i got back into my 1M and the steering felt GLORIOUS. no comparison to the electronic racks.
I donít agree. I do agree Porsche hydraulic is better than their electric but Iíd take Porscheís current electric over BMW hydraulic which absolutely never came even close to Porscheís hydraulic. I donít think there was ever a better steering rack than a 997 GT car.

As someone who has owned both 991.1 and 991.2, Porsche makes iterations and their current EPS is fantastic if you ask me. Again, I do think it is better than BMWs hydraulic (which BMW was never that good in the steering feel deptarment anyway). BMW electric is downright pitiful...

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