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How to track down an old car? Only have license plate from 80s

Long story short, my grandfather was a stunt driver for Hollywood from the 60s to the 90s. Unfortunately, due to estrangement, I only met him a handful of times before he passed away in my youth. He was a huge car enthusiast, owned many Porsches and BMWs throughout his life.

I was looking through some very old polaroid and developed photos, and found a photo of a Red 930 Carrera, with him and my great-grandmother in the foreground. I can clearly make out the entire 7 digits of the California license plate. The photo is dated in the 80s.

Is there any way I could try and locate the VIN number, or try and find out what has happened to that particular vehicle? I would like to purchase it eventually, and restore it to new condition.

Thank you.
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