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On range anxiety... It is present with ICE. As a matter of fact I use ICE range anxiety as a benchmark in discussions about EV range anxiety all the time.

When do you experience range anxiety with an ICE?

For me the feeling of anxiety occurs probably ~2 gallons left of fuel, or ~50 miles of range. At that point my fuel gauge is definitely in the red and at the very bottom. It's extremely relevant to point out this uncomfortable feeling occurs in an environment where I'm confident I can quickly refuel nearly anyplace.

Using the above as the benchmark...

If I'm driving a vehicle that has far fewer places to go to achieve more range (charge); and will take more time to acquire that additional range; then anxiety will necessarily become a factor sooner.

Keep in mind, not everyone is as confident as I am. My mother (in her 70s) is on the other end of the spectrum; where she gets anxious when she gets to 1/3 of a tank!

I think with an EV you need to consider required range like a pilot would. You should have 200-300% of the range you need before your trip. If you're driving 60 miles tomorrow; then you need to leave with 120-180 miles of range.
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