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Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
I still say this filling up at home thing has issues. I live in a large detached house but it has one garage, so if i were to get an EV i need to run a cord outside EVERY FUCKING DAY then roll it up again EVERY FUCKING MORNING, often in freezing weather. Yeah, no thanks.
This was why I didn't buy an EV for my daily. Albeit, I live in an apartment with a garage, but it's only big enough for my tools + motorcycle + M2. If I got a leaf or something, it would take the M2's spot, which is a no go. If I had more space, it would have been a super high contender. I don't want my good fun nice car sitting our for my shitty electric daily. If I had the room, I wouldn't own a Miata and the M, it would be a Leaf and an M2.