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I still say this filling up at home thing has issues. I live in a large detached house but it has one garage, so if i were to get an EV i need to run a cord outside EVERY FUCKING DAY then roll it up again EVERY FUCKING MORNING, often in freezing weather. Yeah, no thanks.

My trip to work is SFA, i fill up on gas barely twice a month, if that, but an EV would be nothing but a PITA as far as i am concerned.

it only really works for those with a garaged car, after that, the shit rolls down hill real fast.

EV market share in the USA dropped in 2019, not much but it did drop from 2018.

i can see it working in over populated countries (China/india) and postage stamp type places (some euro countries) or where oil subsidizes the Ev market but globally, I still reakon Hybrid is the answer.