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You guys are making shit up. My wife drives seven miles a day. It takes her weeks to need gas. If I plugged an EV in overnight on a weekend, she'd be fine. Inevitably her car will need gas when it's 37, windy and rainy and the first two stations I go to will have premium out of order. We already use my car exclusively for road trips, so there's really zero opportunity for EV range anxiety in our situation.
But you have an ICE vehicle. Heck, even your wife has an ICE vehicle. And you no doubt have your reasons for that. Are those made up too?

Given the number of EV'a just in my community and the fact that I've never seen one on the side of the road, I'd guess they're not freaking out about it either.
People that don't fit the EV use cases aren't buying them - that's why you aren't seeing them stranded on the road.

So 60's 427 sports cars are my idea of range anxiety.
Yet, in a six or seven hundred mile race, that car will beat the Tesla Model S with a 100kW battery by hours, even though the Tesla would probably smoke it twice over in a drag race. You're not willing to make that type of compromise with the cars in your garage, and neither is anyone else.

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Yeah, but I had a Miata as an only car for years. With enough desire, you can make almost anything work.
Yep. But most people don't aspire to the minimalist solutions that just gets you by. They have the means to do better than that, to cover other use cases should they arise, to allow for the unforeseen, to ensure they have the best possible tools in a busy life full of uncertainty.

You aren't a minimalist, and neither are most others. That's why you don't have two EVs today, you won't tomorrow, and neither will most other people.
I don't know. We had one car for many years, I rode a bike and took public transit. My wife's next car will almost certainly be an EV and there's probably a greater than average chance that mine will be too.

The current run of 0.5L/cylinder ZF8 cars are all soulless and anodyne, why choose one over the other? An EV more than covers my monthly trip to Dallas and back, if the VW Bus has 250+ miles of range, I'll likely do that.

As for EV proliferation, my little culdesac has about forty houses, so let's call it 85 cars. At last count 15 of those are EV's and I think of the last five new cars, three were EV's. Just running an errand this morning, I would guess 20% of what I saw were EV's and another large share were hybrids. There are areas that have a very heavy adoption rate, just because you're not in one doesn't mean that you've got the entire market sussed out.