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Originally Posted by Salty Dog View Post
That looks like the Debit card machine at the grocery store. WTF?


Sofortkasse... You have to PAY on the spot in Germany. IF you have German plates... you can/may - pay via bank wire transfer. IF you are from another country... No credit card ? The cops drive you to the nearest ATM. No Joke!

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In some countries like Italy, the fine might be say 90 euros by mail, but IF you admit guilt and pay on the spot(in cash) the fine could be as little as 30 euros. This happened to some friends of mine. He was driving in excess of 120 kph on an Alpine road(Sella, Dolomites) where the official speed limit is only 50 kph out in the country side. Everyone drives 80 to 100 kph. The cops couldn't keep up with him in his M2 vs their Fiat Uno... He didn't even know they were giving chase(they forgot to turn on their blue lights!)... he pulled over for a photo... that's when they had a "little" discussion! lol He paid his "negotiated" 30 euro fine in the end.

In Switzerland... its the opposite... I had a friend drive spiritedly on an Alpine pass... he drove 119 in a 80 kph zone... his fine was 1,400 euros on the spot! The cops said two more kph faster and the fine would have been 5K euros. Speeding in Switzerland is no joke!!